Quest and vision – A moment of grace translated into shade, pattern and light.

In shibori, a traditional Japanese textile art, I have found the perfect medium in which to express my own particular quest and vision.
The method of wrapping, folding, compressing and stitching cloth for a resist-dye reflects my preoccupation: it is at once complex and simple, messy and structured, two-and three-dimensional, a reconciliation of opposites and the expression of underlying harmony.
What I particularly appreciate in this practice is its dual nature: after the meticulous preparation and planning stage of the piece, there is an element of surprise inherent in the final result. With the soft,  slightly blurry edges and the many different shades that are characteristic of this technique, the unexpected can emerge … a subtle alchemy occurs in the making.
The cloth becomes a medium, a recording device for all the factors involved in the process. After completion, when the cloth is unfolded, there it is inscribed in the cloth:
the creative dialogue between the artist, the material and time itself – a moment of grace translated into shade, pattern and light.